At a majestic slope enjoying a panoramic view of the progressive and hospitable community of Agia Eirini, the Federation of Builders, Miners and other relevant Professions (SEK) maintains premises which can accommodate campers, families and pensioners. All the guests have the opportunity to enjoy serene, carefree holidays at a clean and healthy environment away from the stress of the daily routine and the tension of cities.  

In this beautiful green environment combine harmonically the pine forest and the premises where the children of SEK members enjoy the most pleasant and creative holidays. 

The complex hosts children between the ages of 9 to 13 years old of both genders during July and the children arrive in three camping periods. The swimming pool, the sports grounds, the covered activity areas, the basketball and volleyball courts, the football pitch, the amphitheatre, the educational and entertaining games, the modern kitchen, the infirmary, the library, the excursions, the nature walks and the contests guarantee an amazing experiential camping trip. In August, the premises host the families of the members, whereas in September the premises accommodate retired members of the Union who wish to spend their holidays in this tranquil and majestic environment.     


Agia Eirini Community Council